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RISQUE POSTER: Drei Bayern in Bangkok (1976)RISQUE POSTER: Drei Bayern in Bangkok (1976)
Price: $30
US Shipping: $4

Original Belgian Movie Poster. Size of most of these movie posters is 21 X 14 (approximately). They often have some type of official "stamp" placed on them which can sometimes be (carefully) removed. All are folded at least once in the middle, and sometimes have additional folds. Many have imperfections along the edges from age or writing at the top. Please see picture for other aspects of the condition. I do my best, but can't guarantee that the English translations of the titles are exactly correct. Also, I try to date them when I can find information on them, but can't guarantee the dates. Please check pictures/ carefully to see if there is anything missing or torn--I try to mention any glaring problems but occasionally overlook something.

Franz Muxender; Marie Ekorre; Gina Janssen; Nancy Lee Galloway; Grit Castell